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Host Your Own Virtual Chase

Virtual Chase is completely customizable and can be

created for your unique needs!

Our “Chase Team” is available to work with your company, department, family or friends to develop your own personalized Virtual Chase. All you will have to do is pick a theme, date and time and the rest is taken care of!


Benefits of Hosting Your Own Chase 

Pandemic friendly

Employee engagement

Incentives/rewards for employees

Celebrate milestones

and holidays

Charitable giving

made fun

Completely customizable


Host Your Own Virtual Chase!


Turn this into a fundraiser and employee engagement opportunity and we will set up an online fundraising hub for you team.


The Chase Team can provide marketing materials for you to promote the event, and you will even get a personal video message from “Pinball”.


Your Virtual Chase will be a live 90 minute virtual scavenger hunt. We will provide you will all video and photo content from the event and a ranking list of the winners!

Who We Support

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It is our vision to empower youth through education by bringing them from the margins to the mainstream.

The Pinball Clemons Foundation provides marginalized youth with educational resources and options to integrate into the mainstream of society. We want to ensure all youth are graduating from high school ready for post-secondary education.


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